Daily Cryptocurrency Bulletin For Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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General News

Circle is moving most of its exchange operations offshore after receiving a full Digital Assets Business Act license in Bermuda for its crypto exchange Poloniex. CEO Jeremy Allaire claims the move was due to mounting regulatory pressures in the United States. He also announced users can expect to see more “yield-generating crypto accounts”.

Daimler has partnered with blockchain firm Riddle & Code to produce a hardware wallet for automobiles. Long term, the alliance looks to provide solutions for self-driving vehicles and car-sharing platforms, relay traffic patterns in real-time, mesh with smart city infrastructure, and transfer accident information to authorities and insurance providers. The wallet creates a cryptographic identity for vehicles. It also integrates with the vehicle’s telematic control unit (TCU) to receive, sign, and attest to sensory data from the car and its surrounding.

MediConnect has partnered with the Ugandan government to trace counterfeit drugs.

Parsec, the advertising firm, has unveiled a pilot program settling digital advertising contracts on R3’s Corda blockchain. MediaCom and Future US have announced the first futures contract traded without Parsec’s third-party mediation. The Advertising Futures and Options Exchange (AFOX) platform plans to tokenize these blockchain-supported media contracts and make them available on a secondary market as media futures and options.

Iran is officially recognizing cryptocurrency mining as an industry within its borders.


Bitcoin $9,967.63 USD (-5.21 percent) has reached new record high volumes in Venezuela as their currency continues to suffer from runaway inflation, which estimates claim has reached 10,000,000%. This comes as BTC has again dipped below the $10,000 level. 

Ethereum $210.49 USD (-5.37 percent): EnCirca, an internet domain registrar, is launching an Ethereum naming service (ENS) to provide domain names at. eth locations. The firm is in the pre-registration phase and will accept domain applications until August 10. Meanwhile, Fundament has received the green light to issue the first tokenized real estate backed bond that can be widely offered to individual investors. The Berlin-based firm has obtained approval from Germany’s financial regulator, BaFIN, for the 250 million euro offering. Holding a token gives a legal claim to earn annual dividend of 4-8 percent with the complete value within the fund being returned at exit.

Ripple $0.311690 USD (-4.38 percent) has partnered with Sentbe to join RippleNet,

Tron $0.024588 USD (-14.80 percent) CEO Justin Sun has received allegations against him from the 21st Century Business Herald, which published an article accusing Sun of illegal fundraising via Tron. It also alleged the Tron network operated illegal gambling services that are accessible to Chinese residents and further took aim at Sun’s early startup Peiwo, a social network app, accusing it of involvement in the illegal pornography business. This comes as Justin Sun has been postponed his lunch with Warren Buffett, with the Tron Foundation announcing Sun has fallen ill with kidney stones. TRX down 15 percent today.

VeChain $0.005836 USD (-5.16 percent) has partnered with San Marino Innovation, a government company tasked to drive “open innovation initiatives,” and DNV GL, an international certification body, to develop the “San Marino Low Carbon Ecosystem” project. Residents of San Marino will be rewarded in crypto – the San Marino Innovation Token – for saving water, recycling and performing other sustainable activities. 

 WN.com, Jamie Saarloos

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