Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: January 11, 2019

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General News

Bitwise Asset Management has proposed a new bitcoin ETF. The Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Trust would track the Bitwise Bitcoin Total Return Index, which measures the value of bitcoin plus any “meaningful hard forks.” Bitwise’s proposal differs from previous ETF proposals by having regulated third-party custodians store the actual bitcoins in the trust. Further, the index the ETF is based on will determine prices using data drawn from a “large number of cryptocurrency exchanges.” If the ETF is approved, its shares will be listed on NYSE Arca.

DX.Exchange, the security token exchange, announced it has patched a security vulnerability that allowed anyone to access user authentication tokens.

NASA is examining blockchain technology to ensure the privacy and security of aircraft flight data. Ronald Reisman, an aero-computer engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, published a paper based on Hyperledger Fabric and smart contracts that allows control over what data is shared publicly or privately with authorized entities.

Overstock’s security token trading platform tZERO has begun the process of giving investors control of tokens bought during their sale completed last August. It is not yet certain when trading on its online retail platform will begin.

SharesPost, a registered broker-dealer, announced it has completed the first trade of digital securities in which the ATS custodied the digital securities, clearing the path for companies to do compliant STO’s in the U.S. BCAP tokens were issued by Blockchain Capital representing shares in the Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund.

China’s internet censorship agency, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has published its new “Regulation for Managing Blockchain Information Services”. Such rules require blockchain service providers to register with the CAC within 10 working days of starting to offer services to the public. The rules will become official on February 15.

Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT inspected a total of 21 crypto exchanges from September to December 2018 and found only a third of exchanges received a full pass.

New York City Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) new Blockchain Center opened yesterday and intends to begin testing the tech’s use cases next fall. New York has already contributed $100,000 to the new Blockchain Center, and the facility will continue to raise funds through corporate membership dues, with Microsoft and IBM already partnered.


Augur $9.33 USD (2.58 percent) says it’s integrating Veil on January 15th. Veil leverages the 0x protocol to make trading faster and cheaper. However, new analysis on the real-world use of Augur from Tetras Capital indicates Augur is struggling with adoption, with now less than $100,000 at stake on the platform.

Bitcoin $3,686.85 USD (-3.64 percent) is losing upward momentum as BTC/USD long positions on the Bitfinex exchange fell to an eight-day low of 31,237 earlier today and are currently down 8 percent – the biggest single-day drop since Dec. 19.

Ripple’s $0.331895 USD (-4.39 percent) XRP is now available on GB Exchange, a subsidiarity of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

Cardano’s $0.043759 USD (-5.42 percent) IOHK is moving its HQ’s from HK to Wyoming. 

–, Jamie Saarloos

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