Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: November 9, 2018

November 9, 2018 2:30 pm Published by

General News

Binance has launched a new division, Binance Research, aimed to prepare institutional-grade research reports with the objective of increasing transparency and improve the quality of information within the cryptocurrency space.

ConsenSys’ blockchain startup Kaleido and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched their full-stack platform that helps enterprises implement blockchain solutions. Dubbed Kaleido Marketplace, it “eliminates 80 percent of the custom code” needed to build a given blockchain project. Marketplace clients can access native integrations with AWS cloud, implement solutions such as “HD wallets for privacy and ID registries for organizational identity, as well as industry products such as Chainlink for smart contract oracles, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and for real-time legal contracts” and others.

Galaxy Digital Capital Management, Mike Novogratz’s crypto investment bank, has hired Goldman Sachs banker Ian Taylor to oversee the group’s blockchain unit.

J.P. Morgan has outlined three companies that will purportedly create “material incremental growth opportunities” from blockchain technology: American content delivery network and cloud service provider Akamai Technologies Inc., digital transaction management services firm DocuSign, and cloud-based platform provider for mortgage finance Ellie Mae.

Square, the merchant payment service provider, has posted its third-quarter shareholder report, and it includes $43 million in bitcoin revenue; a 20 percent increase from Q2.

Canadian bank, VersaBank, says its digital safety deposit box is ready for prime time. Dubbed VersaVault, the virtual lockbox offers cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto investment funds a regulated place to store digital assets.

South Korea has agreed to invest $35 million in next year’s budget to develop blockchain technology, tripling 2018’s budget,

U.S. SEC settlement with the founder of EtherDelta is likely the first of many enforcement actions to come against crypto token exchanges. Despite Coburn getting away with an agreed fine of $388,000, the clampdownshows that even decentralised exchanges will fall under the same scrutiny by the SEC, with this being their first exchange crackdown.

Venezuela have announced that it will take the petro to OPEC in 2019, as the “main digital currency backed by oil.”


Bitcoin Cash is geared towards an internal war ahead of its November 15th hard fork. According to Wright, by deploying hashpower, Bitcoin SV miners can effectively mine empty blocks on the competing bitcoin cash blockchain, stopping transactions from going through. Wright argues that these kinds of things are “a part of the protocol” and thus fine to do, but it could result in entire blockchains being brought down. The threat continued from one new mining project called SharkPool tweeting that it will “exclusively” mine empty blocks, as they advocate Bitcoin SV as the one true cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, data from Poloniex, which introducedpre-fork BCH trading, indicates Bitcoin ABC may be the preferred version as it trades at a price over four times higher the Bitcoin SV.

Basic Attention Token has been rolled out for full trading at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps

Ethereum: Eric Schmidt, former chairman of Google, has advocated application platforms ontop of blockchain claiming Ethereum could be a “powerful platform” with a lot of potential.

IOTA: carVertical.CITY is a platform using IOTA’s Tangle technology as a solution for automatic car parking. The carVertical.CITY app accepts payments in cV and MIOTA tokens.

Ripple is the latest coin to be added to the Ellipal hardware wallet. It joins Litecoin, Dash, DigiByte, Ethereum Classic and Tether.

Tron is partnering with the 3D multiplayer online game NeoWorld. The blockchain-based game is designed to let players navigate a virtual world that’s “created and owned by millions of users collectively”. The game’s creators say they have sold more than 106,000 parcels of virtual real estate within the game., Jamie Saarloos

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