Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018 3:05 pm Published by

General News

Alrosa, the second-largest diamond producer after manufacturing giant De Beers, announced it is joining the Tracr pilot program, which De Beers is testing to see how blockchain can track diamonds from their initial production to their ultimate retail location.

Bittrex International is launching a digital trading platform for qualified international customers. Previously branded as “Bittrex Malta,” the new platform will speed up the listing process for tokens, streamlining the approval process.

Fujitsu, the IT giant, has been chosen as an “application development vendor” for a field trial that will use a custom digital currency to attempt to achieve low-cost transfer of small-scale transactions using real-time gross settlement. Nine Japanese banks are teaming up to trial the blockchain-based inter-bank settlement system using Fujitsu technology.

JPMorgan’s blockchain, Quorum, will be used to “tokenize” gold bars.

StarkWare just closed a $30 million equity funding round led by Paradigm and featuring several other major investors. StarkWare, the company that developed the zk-STARKS privacy feature, is now working to commercialize the tech.

UK officials have outlined a range of regulatory steps around cryptoassets and DLT in a new report; with crypto tax guidance being updated early next year.


Bitcoin software engineer Pierre Rochard has created a plugin for Microsoft Excel that’s designed to allow users to send Bitcoin using the popular spreadsheet.

Ethereum: The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has released its latest round of specifications. EEA released its Client Specification Version 2, which lays out a certification process to ensure ethereum coders are following common standards. EEA also released the Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification Version 0.5, a way for data to be diverted from the blockchain to some off-ledger trusted environment or piped in from external sources known as oracles via a standard API.

Stellar-based security token issuance platform, Smartlands Platform, has partnered with CMS, a global law firm, to navigate the regulatory requirements of the SEC, FINRA, ECB and FCA. Smartlands is developing a fully compliant platform that adheres to strict KYC and AML rules and regulations.

Tether spent nearly half of October trading below $1.00, but has finally returned to dollar parity; though it remains to be seen whether it will stay there amid mounting competition from heavyweight competitors.

VeChain: OceanEx, a crypto exchange and asset management platform built on the VeChainThor blockchain, is gearing up for launch, with deposits and withdrawals opening during the first week of November.

Zcash has officially implemented its network hard fork, known as Sapling. Activated on schedule at block 419,200, Zcash anticipates that transactions will take 90 percent less time and require 97 percent less memory to occur as a result., Jamie Saarloos


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