Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: October 25, 2018

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General News

AMD’s sales of graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners generated “negligible” revenue in the third quarter, accounting for only a “high single digit percentage” of the company’s top line. This followed a drop in this type of revenue in the previous quarter.

Oracle Corp. has released a suite of blockchain-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications based on its Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service designed to improve traceability and transparency throughout supply chains. “Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud” includes four apps: Intelligent Track and Trace, Lot Lineage and Provenance, Intelligent Cold Chain, and Warranty and Usage Tracking.

Sony announced it has created a contactless crypto hardware wallet. The unnamed device utilizes IC smart card technology to communicate with the BTC or other crypto networks.

Australia’s leading market operator, ASX Limited, disclosed plans being put in place to release blockchain technology for settlements in 2021. This follows Canada’s stock exchange operator TMX Group Limited adopting DLT in clearing and settling securities on an integrated platform earlier this week.

Canada’s largest airline Air Canada has announced its participation on a blockchain-based travel distribution platform developed by Swiss blockchain startup Winding Tree.

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued a statement to warn investors to be cautious while investing in crypto funds. They stated that public fundraising schemes that are not approved and registered with the commission are violating the country’s Capital Markets Act.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Arizona resident Jeffrey Berk against Coinbase, who claimed the exchange allowed insiders to trade bitcoin cash prior to its listing on the exchange.


Bitcoin’s $6,476.81 USD (-0.41 percent) blockchain is gaining some real-world applications, but not as a means of payment. DexFreight, a blockchain start-up that is building a freight transportation platform using Rootstock (RSK), has announced that it successfully facilitated a shipment of frozen food in Florida. DexFreight’s smart contracts rely on the Bitcoin blockchain where funds were held in escrow and automatically released to the carrier upon delivery.

Ethereumbased $202.64 USD (-0.91 percent) decentralised exchange, IDEX, has announced that it will no longer provide trading services to customers with IP addresses originating from New York due to its harsh regulations. However, questions have raised over the fact that an operator of a self-described DEX retains enough control over the platform to block users from a particular jurisdiction. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has signed a development deal with TaTaTu, an Ethereum-based streaming entertainment platform similar to Netflix.

Ripple $0.454767 USD (-1.59 percent) has signed on the Commercial Bank of Ceylon (ComBank), based in Sri Lanka, to join RippleNet. This comes as Ripple’s senior VP of product management, Asheesh Birla, claimsseveral banks are seriously considering taking the plunge into crypto and using xRapid to process cross-border payments. Meanwhile, a member of the the Ripple community has released a new blockchain explorer for XRP called XRPScan, like Etherscan.

Tether $0.989312 USD (0.38 percent) announced it has burned 500 million USDT tokens; more than half the tokens in circulation.

Tron $0.023171 USD (-1.90 percent): BitTorrent released a statement claiming they have successfully deployed a smart contract and the dapp ran smoothly during its testing phase  to integrate the Tron network into the decentralized file-sharing platform.

ZCash $127.80 USD (4.10 percent) users should upgrade to the newest Zcash client with Sapling, HD Key Gen and Mainnet support., Jamie Saarloos

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