Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: October 17, 2018

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Bitfinex has introduced a “new, improved and increasingly resilient fiat depositing system” that utilizes a “distributed banking solution.” Since Tether reportedly shares a management team with Bitfinex, it may be the case they have found a new banking partner. As reported by The Block’s Larry Cermak, Tether is said to be holding its fiat reserves at Deltec Bank, which is based out of Nassau. However, other reports claim Bitfinex has shifted its banking business to the Hong Kong-based Bank of Communications. According to the Block, Bank of Communications — which is partly owned by HSBC — has been using U.S.-based Citibank as the intermediary bank for U.S. dollar wire transfers to Bitfinex.

Toyota has partnered with blockchain advertising analytics firm Lucidity to cut down on fraud when buying digital ads.

Abu Dhabi Ports has partnered with Belgium’s Port of Antwerp for a blockchain pilot aimed to facilitate international trade; “providing full cargo visibility and streamlining trade flows and supply chains.”

China’s first Bitcoin exchange BTCC is set to launch trading services in South Korea.

India’s Internet and Mobile Association (IAMAI) has set up a new blockchain committee to engage with the government, the wider industry and startups to develop the ecosystem.

Kenya plans to leverage blockchain technology for the distribution of new government-funded housing units. The technology will be used to distribute housing to deserving applicants in a bid to address past issues concerning “graft fears arising from beneficiaries and even legislators.”

Steve Wozniak has joined EQUI Global, a VC fund built using blockchain technology, as a co-founder. Notably, this is the first time, after Apple, he has agreed to join a company. Investors can buy EQUITokens to join the VC fund, which will be tradable on exchanges.


Augur $12.49 USD (0.86 percent): Smart contract coders could be held liable if they knowingly use blockchain technology to create functions that are deemed as predictive “event contracts,” according to Brian Quintenz, a commissioner at the U.S. CFTC. Augur recently launched their decentralised predictive markets; however, investors do not seem phased by these comments at this moment in time.

Basic Attention Token $0.206995 USD (11.36 percent) is another altcoin seeing double digit gains as rumours of a Coinbase listing swell.

Bitcoin $6,535.73 USD (-1.09 percent) worth $194 million was sent yesterday by a user with only a $0.1 fee, a transaction which with banks would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Decred $39.29 USD (0.55 percent) is turning its entire $21million cryptocurrency treasury over to its investors. Decred’s Politeia software, went live yesterday and gives holders of the cryptocurrency a way to exercise control over every aspect of the project. It is clear Decred are putting decentralisation first, as users start making proposals for expenditures and the community begins voting them through with full community consensus. However, in the wrong hands, this could also be a major risk.

EOS $5.39 USD (-0.71 percent) has partnered with Spacebit, a space blockchain program that is pioneered by astronauts, consultants, rocket scientists, and entrepreneurs. The project is aimed at creating democratized access to outer space by tokenizing space missions all over the galaxy.

Ethereum Classic $9.66 USD (-1.01 percent) has powered a pilot for the 1st board election for the Brazilian Fintech Association, using OriginalMy‘s Blockchain ID and Signing platform. More than 400-member companies used OriginalMy’s platform on Ethereum Classic’s blockchain to carry out shareholder voting.

IOTA $0.498773 USD (-1.06 percent) Foundation has announced plans to power a biometric authentication system which uses a person’s palm vein pattern to verify their identity, called the IAMPASS Proof of Concept.

PIVX $1.24 USD (7.83 percent) has seen strong gains in the last 24hours due to the announcement that ZDEX, the world’s first ZKP privacy enabled decentralized exchange, is coming soon. ZDEX will run on the PIVX masternode network and will enable direct trading of zPIV with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Ripple $0.464107 USD (1.91 percent) has added a fourth name, Viamericas, to its list of financial institutions using XRP to power global money transfers under their new xRapid product. This follows MoneyNetInt announcing that it has joined RippleNet.

Telegram will release a test version of its blockchain-based TON platform “this autumn”, with “70 percent” of the product already finished.

0X $0.898777 USD (19.07 percent) is now live on Coinbase and in the Coinbase iOS and Android apps, helping 0x rise over 25 percent., Jamie Saarloos

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