Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin: September 26, 2018

September 26, 2018 1:04 pm Published by

General News

German blockchain banking service Bitwala is set to launch the first platform that will enable the management of both euro deposits and bitcoin funds within the same bank account. The service is planned to be up and running by November with an estimated 30,000 customers already signed up.

Japanese banking giant SBI Holdings has unveiled plans to launch “S Coin”, a crypto token for mobile retail payments. The proposed coin, which is the product of a partnership with DLT provider Orb and Glory Corporation, will begin a trial run from October 2018 as the company seeks to create a cashless system of transaction in Japan. SBI will integrate Glory’s ATM network with the S-coin platform, which will also be linked to credit cards and S Coin wallets. The S Coin platform also allows users to develop their own bespoke tokens to suit their needs using Orb’s DLT.

Coinbase has announced a new procedure for listing assets with the sole purpose of speeding up the process of listing digital assets that meet the exchange’s standards, which they claim have been getting tougher recently. The solution is to list assets complaint with local law, meaning some assets might be available in some regions and absent in others.

Google has unbanned crypto-related ads, allowing regulated companies to utilize its platform to advertise their products. Starting October, only verified companies in the crypto sector of US and Japan will be able to purchase ads on Google, but companies will be permitted to file applications with Google to publish ads in other countries as well.


Ethereum: Institutional bitcoin derivatives platform LedgerX is preparing to expand its crypto product line to include ether options and is ready to roll them out once it gets the go-ahead from regulators. A source familiar with the company claims that the rollout could follow a CFTC meeting on Oct. 5

Ripple has seen another pump in price, with XRP up more than 17 percent in the last 24 hours. This seems to be more of a measured rally following its recent pullback. XRP’s overnight pump also coincides with Coinbase’s announcement that they will be easing their process for listing across different jurisdictions, with speculators finally gaining traction for the long-awaited XRP listing., Jamie Saarloos

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