Cryptocurrency Promotion Turns Deadly During Mount Everest Climb

May 25, 2018 9:11 pm Published by
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The Financial Times reported that a publicity stunt went wrong after a company encouraged “crypto enthusiasts” to climb Mount Everest in order to bury a hard drive containing $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency reportedly led to a man’s death, according to CNBC. 

Ukrainian social network ASKfm is planning an upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) but was also sponsoring four people to climb Mount Everest and bury the hard drive containing its digital tokens, which currently have no value. 

However, one of the local Nepalese Sherpas guiding the group died on the climb, according to Alan Arnette, a Colorado climber who covers the climbing events each season in the world famous mountain. 

He said the Ukrainian group’s actions would fall under “Preventable Deaths.” 

ASKfm said the value of the cryptocurrency which is now buried in the snow is based on the “estimate of their value once the pre-sale and ICO launch,” according to a spokesperson who spoke with FT.

One of the four climbers involved in the promo returned to Ukraine, Taras Pozdnii, said they “lost track of the Sherpa after he accompanied them to the summit, and that he didn’t know how the man died.”

In a promotional video posted online earlier this year in May, the company said cryptocurrency fans should go and search for the tokens buried in the giant mountain, “if [they’re] brave enough”., Maureen Foody


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