Bitcoin Miner Blames Trading Crackdown In China For Shooting

April 16, 2018 2:26 pm Published by

A bitcoin miner in Taiwan who was shot by local gangsters is blaming the crackdown on bitcoin trading in mainland China for the incident, CoinDesk reported Monday.

A Liberty Times report said the incident occurred Saturday night local time when two suspects allegedly scheduled a meeting with a bitcoin miner with whom they had made a significant investment.

The miner, the report said, had previously accepted 10 million Chinese yuan (approximately $1.7 million) from the two suspects to participate in a bitcoin mining operation.

The dispute, CoinDesk reported, arose when the miner made approximately $370,000 in profit but was unable to change the money to fiat currency in time as the two men insisted because of tightened bitcoin trading regulations in China.

The report said the suspects got increasingly angry with the miner and one man eventually shot the miner in the ankle before the men fled. Seven hours later, the suspects turned themselves into police and were charged.

Police said the suspects were involved in a local gang., Jack Durschlag

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