Cryptocurrency Daily News Bulletin, January 12

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KOREA. The furore yesterday regarding the potential ban of cryptocurrency trading in Korea, which had a substantial impact on market prices everywhere, appears to have subsided. In the short-term a ban seems very unlikely, as it would probably require an act of parliament. In any case, a ban on exchange trading is one of many options being discussed by the government. Further regulation, however, may be implemented. See also yesterday’s Bulletin.

Line. Japan’s most popular chat app, with 168 million active monthly users, Line, could soon integrate cryptocurrencies. The company is reportedly in talks with a number of companies to integrate cryptocurrencies into its mobile payment service, Line Pay.

RealityShares. According to Business Insider, a new exchange-traded fund tracking blockchain companies by RealityShares is set to start trading on Nasdaq on Wednesday January 17.

Russia. Legislative regulation of the cryptocurrency market may be needed in future, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. Reports from elsewhere, however, suggest that the Russian Ministry of Finance is drafting a bill to legalize cryptocurrency trading at approved exchanges. The ministry is apparently already preparing a list of approved trading platforms.

Japan. On January 11, Japanese e-commerce and entertainment giant DMM Group launched its crypto exchange, supporting 7 cryptocurrencies – bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), ether (ETH), ethereum classic (ETC), nem (XEM), bitcoin cash (BCH), and ripple (XRP) – and 14 trading pairs.

Australia. The Australian Taxation Office, the government agency and principal revenue collection body for the Australian government, has reportedly created a special task force to help it track and identify all cryptocurrency transactions in the country for tax collecting purposes.


Individual Currencies

Ripple (+17.91%)

(Positive) Ripple’s price recovered in the past 24 hours with news of a partnership with Moneygram, which was announced early yesterday afternoon (GMT).

Bitcoin (+2.97%)

(Mixed) In Canada, KFC have announced that orders can be placed online using Bitcoin. KFC’s payment processor is Bitpay. The payment process, however, reveals some of the difficulties of using Bitcoin for ‘real-world’ transactions.

(Negative) Quinlan & Associates, a Wall Street consultancy firm, has published a 154-page report, which predicts a major crash in cryptocurrency prices, resulting in a Bitcoin valuation of $1,800 by December 2018. It does, however, predict renewed growth after the crash, albeit with prices not recovering to anything like current levels in the short-to-medium term.

(Unclear, negative) 97% of all bitcoin are held by 4% of all bitcoin addresses, according to Switzerland-based bank Credit Suisse.

Litecoin (+2.46%)

(Negative) Charlie Lee has denied further speculation that he was involved in insider trading with Coinbase.

EOS (+40.52%)

(Positive) “Special announcements” are expected to be revealed at EOS’ first meetup in Seoul. The event will be livestreamed at 9.30 am (GMT) on January 13.

(Positive) 54% of trading volume in EOS in the past 24 hours has come from Bithumb, the Korean exchange. EOS is currently hosting a series of events in Korea. Trading on Bithumb, however, is currently excluded from Coinmarketcap’s price for EOS.

Waves (+1.88%)

(Positive) BCEX, a Chinese exchange based in Canada, is listing the WAVES token. Trading will take place against USD, via the exchange’s own licensed gateway, and will begin today.

Stellar (+33.98%)

(Positive) Early this morning (GMT), Stellar issued the following Tweet: “Quick Update | Validators on the @StellarOrg network just voted to lower the base reserve to 0.5 #XLM which makes the cost of creating accounts and orders inexpensive again.”

(Positive) Late yesterday, Stellar was recommended by Brian Kelly on CNBC, who revealed that he has just invested in the coin.

Bitshares (+11.85%)

(Positive) Stan Larimer, the ‘Godfather’ of Bitshares, has published the first of a 12-part series describing the companies building on the BitShares network. The article was posted on Steemit.

HempCoin (-8.51%)

(Unclear) Yesterday, HempCoin announced that on January 26th it will release the following: a new website, a new White Paper, new branding, and a fork update.

Tron (+0.98%)

(Positive) This morning (GMT), Tron announced the appointment of Evan (Zhang Anwen), a senior technical expert in blockchain and a former “four banks” top security expert.

–, Robert Maxwell


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