Bitcoin Tops $8,000 As Lightning Triumphs And Cash Flounders

November 20, 2017 2:45 pm Published by

Bitcoin has not only topped the $8,000 plateau, it has maintained its presence above the mark, Cointelegraph reported Monday.

The historic number came following news the first Bitcoin-to-Litecoin Lightning Network ‘atomic swap’ successfully debuted, capping it’s comeback after Bitcoin Cash volatility, the report said.

Bitcoin’s market cap of nearly $134 billion is against a cross-crypto combined cap of just under $240 billion, with both numbers new records, the report said.

Bitcoin’s dominance has also recovered over the past few days to top 56 percent of the market after struggling to maintain supremacy as BCH caused considerable fluctuations, the report said.

BCH itself has dropped off previous highs to languish around $1,200 – around 50 percent of its best prices, Cointelegraph reported. Staunch proponents of the Bitcoin fork as the ‘real Bitcoin’ are currently locked in a forking battle of their own as two strands of BCH emerged last week.

The product of a “malicious fork,” Bitcoin Clashic now represents the original Bitcoin Cash or developers describe it, “Satoshi’s true vision,” the report said., Jack Durschlag

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