Aliant Payment Systems Partners With Bitpay, Bringing Bitcoin Mainstream

September 19, 2017 8:03 pm Published by is reporting Bitpay recently teamed up with Aliant Payment Systems, a company providing online merchant services, for credit card processing.

Alienates plan is to offer customers the option of making transactions using bitcoin via Bitpay, the report said. This will allow Bitcoin another way towards entering the mainstream.

In a news release, the company reported they are one of the first payment processing companies to offer this option, the report said.

“Aliant Payment Systems, a provider of merchant services and credit card processing based in the US, has announced that it will be partnering with BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processor, for payments processing,” a Financial Magnates article said.

Aliant’s CEO, Eric Brown said his company recognizes the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology, the report said. In addition, Aliant realizes it is the future of online payments and the company believes it will cause a shift in the way things are done.
Speaking further, Brown said: Aliant is looking to the future of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and we’re excited to bring a bitcoin solution to our clients. We look forward to showing merchants what bitcoin can do for online payments and what BitPay is doing for businesses transferring value globally, reported.

Stephen Pair, Bitpay’s CEO said he believes such a relationship is necessary because all of their customers seek more secure ways to handle transactions and avoid fraudsters and scammers, the report said.

“Merchants accepting high-value payments online need a secure, fraud-free way to receive value, and we believe bitcoin provides that way,” Pair said.

This move (bringing bitcoin payments into the medical world) speeds up medical payments when compared to the retail sectors, the report said.

The company also processes payments for non-profits and other organizations, like Rotary clubs and The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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